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Easier. Faster. Stronger.
Introducing All New Inmarsat GX Terminals
for Fleet Xpress Service

NX Series GX Product Line

All New Inmarsat GX Terminal

  • GX60NX
    GX60NX HP
  • GX100NX
    GX100NX HP
  • GX100NX
  • GX100NX HP

What is Fleet Xpress Service?

Delivering the high data speeds enabled by Inmarsat Global Xpress Ka- band
combined with the proven reliability of FleetBroadband L-band service.

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Services You Can Experience at Sea
with Intellian NX Series GX Line


Crew Member

  • Voice
  • Web Browsing
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Telemetry
  • Reporting
  • Voyage Planning
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Cargo Monitoring
  • Vessel Monitoring
  • SMS
  • Weather
  • Social Media
  • Chat Applications

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Market Sectors

The NX Series has been developed to offer a product to suit all customer needs and
demands across the Maritime industry. Vessel sizes and communication needs are
varied and the NX Series product line has products to meet these unique demands.

  • Commercial
  • Yachting
  • Commercial
  • Passenger

Faster & Stronger

Best-in-Class RF Performance

The new GX100NX offers high-speed data rates and global operation
with its highly-efficient RF design and also enables a higher level of
bandwidth at sea with a 10W High Power BUC option

2.5GHz Wideband Ka

Ka Wideband Frequency Tuned Radome
High Precision Reflector Surface

High Power BUC Upgradable

Easy Upgrade to 10W High Power BUC
Same Form Factor - Size & Weight


New All-In-One Below Deck Terminal

Only Intellian provides a below deck terminal fully integrated
into a single 1U, 19” rack module.

Reduced Installation Time & Cost

GX Modem, GX Mediator included

Single GX Antenna Configuration

- Single Coax Cable between ADU and BDU
- Auto Cable Compensation
- One Touch Commissioning
- Reduce Installation Time and Costs
- Provides DC Power from Below Deck Unit

Dual GX Antenna Configuration

- GX Mediator Embedded
- Simple & Easy Configuration
- No Extra Splitter & Cable Needed

Enhanced AptusNX

- Responsive Web Application (Same UI & UX Across All Platforms)
- No Installation Required
- Embedded Web Application
- Innovative Installation Wizard
- Enhanced & Accurate Diagnostics
- Intuitive Dashboard

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The Intellian GX NX-Series
Providing you with the connectivity you require, now and
Futureproof your investment by selecting the Intellian NX-
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